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“The Power of Positive Thinking: The Impact of K M Hasan Ripon’s “Practice Makes Perfect” Campaign”

In 2019, K M Hasan Ripon, a well-known Skill Activist, and change-maker initiated a campaign with a slogan that has now become renowned in Bangladesh. The slogan, “Practice Makes Perfect,” was the driving force behind the campaign and resonated with people from all walks of life. The slogan was in Bengali, “অনুশীলনে সবই সম্ভব“, which translates to “Practice Makes Perfect” in English.

Over the course of the campaign, Mr. Ripon traveled to more than 50 districts in Bangladesh, 7 countries in the world, and visited over 136 institutions, including public and private universities, polytechnics, general colleges, youth organizations, and corporates. This allowed him to connect directly with over 62,000 people and indirectly reach almost 28 million people through social media networks.



The non-resident Bangladeshis, who work in different countries across the globe, also supported the campaign and slogan, further spreading its reach and impact. Wherever Mr. Ripon goes for a seminar, workshop, or public speaking engagement, he is often requested to shout the slogan “অনুশীলনে সবই সম্ভব” together with the audience in his signature style.

The objective of this campaign was to develop a positive mindset among the people and spread positivity in the country. Through the slogan “Practice Makes Perfect”, Mr. Ripon encourages people to work hard and continuously improve themselves, promoting a can-do attitude and a drive for excellence. The impact of the campaign can be seen in the increased positivity and motivation in people across Bangladesh.

K M Hasan Ripon’s campaign and the slogan “Practice Makes Perfect (অনুশীলনে সবই সম্ভব)” has become a symbol of positivity and motivation in Bangladesh. The impact of the campaign continues to be felt, inspiring people to strive for excellence and reach their full potential.