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WIT Institute’s 2nd Founding Anniversary, K M Hasan Ripon empowers diploma engineers

WIT Institute celebrated its 2nd founding anniversary with an exciting event on December 15, 2023, held at the Rooftop Garden of Daffodil Plaza in Dhaka, Bangladesh. At the heart of this celebration was a special session on Employability Skills, skillfully facilitated by the esteemed Mr. K M Hasan Ripon.

Equipping Engineers for Success

Mr. Hasan Ripon directed his focus towards empowering graduating Diploma Engineers from diverse public and private polytechnics in Bangladesh with indispensable employability skills. These engineers had recently concluded a four-week internship at WIT Institute.

A Continuous Journey: Insights for Career Growth

Mr. Hasan Ripon emphasized that employability is a continuous journey requiring continuous efforts. He shared valuable insights and practical tips, guiding participants towards enhancing their employability and achieving their career goals.

Key Insights and Tips Shared:

  1. Limiting Expectations: Stressing the importance of managing expectations to avoid unnecessary frustration.
  2. Breaking Comfort Zones: Encouraging participants to embrace change and adapt to new situations for personal growth.
  3. Problem Solving: Featuring a role-play activity illustrating the significance of being proactive problem solvers.
  4. SMART Hard Work: Discussing the benefits of setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals.
  5. Networking: Setting a target for participants to connect with 100 professionals within a year to emphasize the importance of networking.
  6. Communication and Adaptability: Highlighting the role of effective communication and adaptability in the professional world.
  7. Time Management: Providing advice on starting the day early, following a routine, and maintaining mental and physical well-being.
  8. Technology Integration: Encouraging participants to explore and utilize technology, particularly artificial intelligence.
  9. Preparing for Rejection: Sharing insights on learning from rejection for personal and professional growth.
  10. Note Taking: Underscoring the significance of note-taking as a skill to retain and apply acquired knowledge.

Interactive Engagement and Networking

The session was interactive, engaging participants with insightful questions and opinions. Mr. Nazib Rafe, the Founder of WIT Institute, presided over the session. The event concluded with a networking workshop and a group photo, fostering collaboration and camaraderie among the participants. WIT Institute’s anniversary celebration became a platform not just for reflection but for empowerment, setting a tone for future successes in the careers of the participating engineers.

Getting old is not a problem (8)

How Bangladesh Made ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ its National Motto

K M Hasan Ripon, a well-known skill activist and changemaker, launched a campaign in 2019 with a tagline that has now become well-known in Bangladesh. The campaign’s motivation was the tagline “Practice Makes Perfect,” which connected with individuals from every phase of life. The motto in Bengali was “অনুশীলনে সবই সম্ভব” which translates to “Practice Makes Perfect” in English.

Mr. Ripon traveled to more than 50 districts in Bangladesh, 7 countries across the globe, and over 136 institutions, including public and private universities, polytechnics, general colleges, youth groups, and corporations, throughout the campaign. This allowed him to interact with approximately 62,000 individuals directly and indirectly, reaching about 28 million people via social media networks.



Non-resident Bangladeshis who work in various locations across the world also backed the campaign and slogan, broadening its reach and influence. Mr. Ripon is often asked to use the phrase “অনুশীলনে সবই সম্ভব” with the audience in his unique way whenever he travels for a seminar, workshop, or public speaking event.

The goal of this campaign was to promote positive feelings in individuals and spread confidence across the nation. Mr. Ripon’s tagline, “Practice Makes Perfect,” requests individuals to work hard and always better one another, creating a can-do attitude and an ambition for excellence. The campaign’s influence may be observed in people’s enhanced happiness and motivation throughout Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh, K M Hasan Ripon’s campaign and phrase “Practice Makes Perfect (অনুশীলনে সবই সম্ভব)” have become symbols of happiness and encouragement. The campaign’s influence is still being felt, pushing individuals to strive for greatness and attain their best potential.