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She introduced new Bangladesh Globally

When I think to write on a person whom I like much, then it takes time. I find I have limited word stock or somehow my write-up doesn’t touch me. I am going through the same situation since yesterday.

I never had the opportunity to meet her personally whom I am writing about. I just have the opportunity to observe her from far. To many of us, she is a very dynamic leader. But whoever had the scope to meet her personally they have explained her personal qualities in many ways. Some of them termed her as women with a pleasant personality who always remain as the main source of inspiration/joy in a family. Some called her a very simple and lovely/caring mother who yet care about the importance of love and friendliness attitude with her child despite of her busy schedule. To some peoples, she is the last human being who can stand beside them at their well and woe. She is the one to whom we can express and explain! Yes, she is our Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina! A great personality who is helping us to dream and achieve.

Today is a very special day for her. It’s her 73rd Birthday. In this day can we make a decision to do National Branding first? It is maybe confusing the reader’s thinking about the relation between the subject and the object.

Let’s make it clear. We usually try to do good in our special days. Our Honorable Prime Minister has reached to a level when her Birthday is not just her own special day to celebrate with family. I believe it is the joy of the entire Bangladesh to celebrate the day and we can start a good practice from here.

While teaching our kids we usually introduce the Global Leaders. We talk about them, bring their leadership qualities to our kids and our kids starts to know them, follow them. But we never think in Bangladesh we have got several examples of leadership whom we should highlight to our kids and do national branding. Our honorable Prime Minister has now reached such status whom we should highlight to our kids and future leaders. We may have a different ideology and political values, but as a leader and personality our Honorable Prime Minister is distinct from others and she achieved the love through her works and personality.

She is a visionary leader, very forward-thinking in nature. 12 years back she presented “Din Bodoler Shonod” and recently she drafted a development plan and helped us to see a Bangladesh after 100 years. This is very unique feature from where we can learn.

I personally like her boldness in taking any action. We talk about determination and our honorable PM can be the best example here. I have never seen to lose her determination when she decides to take any initiative or action.

Also timely action is another mentionable traits found in our Honorable Prime Minister. I can yet remember, Digital Bangladesh was not so easy to dream to take forward. 12 years ago which was just like a nightmare to many of us, now it is the reality. Her timely action took it forward. We can easily say, it was the right drive given by Bangladesh!

We heard a lot that a true leader creates a new leader. In Bangladesh perspective, the young generation has been found very reluctant to know the politics. But with the personal qualities, our Honorable PM has won the heart of the Young section of the population. Accordingly, she brought the young generation in Government, empowered the youth, placed the women in important leadership roles. She made a combination of Young and Experienced leaders in her Cabinet which is a very rare quality in Bangladesh.

Emotional Intelligent: A leader must have the emotional intelligence to keep unity and motivate the general people. I believe our Honorable PM is the single person who has achieved the heart of millions through her personal qualities. Her down to earth mentality touched many hearts. From kids to the youth population, from general peoples to intellectual population, everyone likes her, can share with her or embrace her with deep love and respect. She could achieve this from her attitude and nature.

At this age and despite her busy schedule, she manages time to learn and accept the change also.  She expressed it freely that she learns from her son and it is one of the biggest support for us all.

Her charismatic leadership traits have been praised highly in all sector of human development. Her popularity has exceeded the national boundary. Now I don’t need to explain “what/where is Bangladesh”, while I travel abroad, I don’t face the unwanted question in the immigration, whereas it was the most asked question in other countries.

We all are witnessing a progressive Bangladesh. Bangladesh is now in a height which truly makes many of us emotional. Digital Bangladesh is an example for many countries. While we have so many reasons to become proud of, then we shouldn’t promote the leaders who led the journey ahead? If we do not promote us then who will do then?

Bangladesh is now facing the challenges of Industry 4IR and we need such a leader who will guide us take us forward. Who is bold when we need to be bold, strong when the situation requires, emotional when peoples need her supports.

So, during her Birthday time, I took a decision to tell our young generation about the leaders of the country. We take a decision to promote our leaders since we have many examples. Let’s do our National Branding first if we can’t promote ourselves, who will do then? It’s a “me” world and together we can promote “we”

So a Big Salute to our Honorable Prime Minister for your effort in our development.