“Practice makes everything perfect" & "There is always an opportunity" based on these two beliefs Mr. K M Hasan is working to create success stories of the nation and particularly among the young generation. During the past 20 years, he has given his effort to learn life skills. It is said that he never left any single opportunity to know about the people and learn about the industries. This mindset has helped him to develop a solid perception of people and works. He has contributed to the skill development of the Young Generation. While working with young people, he got the opportunity to travel to different corners of the country and learn about the young talents. Also, he has visited many countries of the world where he has shared the inspirational success stories of Bangladeshi youth. As an expert in the field of ICT and Business, he has worked as a public speaker, writer, blogger, creative content developer, trainer, and consultant. In his career, he focused on three pillars, ie, Entrepreneurship Development, Soft Skills Development, and Digital transformation.


As a TAFE, Australia Certified Master Trainer of Competency Based Training & Assessment (CBT&A) under the Scholarship of ILO. He got trained on Achieving Sustainable Development Goal especially on Higher Education from Stockholm University, SWEDEN, and Tongji University China, under the scholarship of SIDA. He is an ILO Certified Trainer of Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB), Geneva. Also, he works as an industry expert to establish the readiness of Industry to face the Challenges of Industry 4.0 under the project of A2i (Future of Work) ICT Division, in association with Temasek Foundation Singapore.


All his accomplishments helped him to work as an entrepreneur to help the young generation to start and improve their business or professional career. He practices a principle in his life and that is to share his knowledge and experience among the young fellows and contribute to society through developing the talents and future leaders to serve the country.


In his long engagement with the career in industry, he has earned the experience of working in small and large teams of different profiles: young people, students, adults, educators, volunteers, corporate leaders, marginalized rural men and women for entrepreneurship development and mentoring youth for enhancing employability. He did extensive research in the Human Resource Development and Education sector too. During the past years, he has developed huge professional networks, and yet he kept his contribution on. His best achievement in life is the trust of peoples and organizations. His followers in industries and institutions recognize him as an enthusiastic trainer, speaker, and inspirational career development mentor.

If you run after the CGPA all your life just by memorizing, at the end of the day that CGPA will give you nothing but frustration. But if CGPA can be achieved with knowledge, skills, advanced mentality and good relationships then there will be no such thing as frustration in life.

KM Hasan Ripon

Employability Mentor