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Women unseen jobs!

This special category unseen jobs are regular in kind but which we neither find in the job board or neither there are some HR rules advised to follow. But the performer gives highest attention and dedication to perform it without expecting any reward or evaluation. There is no specific time schedule to perform this Unseen Job and the performer does it with highest motivation any time anywhere, or wherever needed. Here the performer is a mystery and the only demand that the performer may have is the recognition or little expression of “good job” from the other part. The mysterious character here is someone around us as daughter, mother, mother in laws or aunty or anyone. 8th march is dedicated to expressing gratitude to them. Yes I am not feminist but for the back two years I was planning to write this. Because I was feeling that Women are fighters! They have the super power of leading life.

I have seen the tireless effort of many women around me to fight for giving comfort to their family ignoring the self-part. I have seen my Mom, even though feeling sickness or having weakness never said no to any demand. Her dedication always remains to make us feel happy. I have seen my aunty, after coming back home attending a long hour office, she directly enters the kitchen with new enthusiasm and happily cooks for the family, checking the kids diary for school work. She never brings any excuse to ignore the kitchen part any day. Rather she feels happy seeing happiness in the family member’s face. A working woman is giving double effort in her life to keep balance between job life and personal life. Without any rules the family maintenance part is assigned to her. So, her performance in the job results from her extreme dedication towards her workplace, But do we really feel the load of unseen jobs? Do we really feel to count those special Unseen Jobs?

Let’s make those unseen jobs recognized from heart of every soul in this planet

Salute to all fighters on this very special Day!


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Amena Hasan Ana, Sr. Assistant Director, Daffodil International University