Ten All-Time Great Advices for Succes

Achieving success is a journey without a set direction and rules. It is a mixture of personal goals, strong commitment, smart work methods, and the social network that helps us get in peace in mind. Even if the future is still unknown, we can learn from people who have accomplished incredible things. These ten general guidelines will help you succeed in life, based on observations and study.

1. Have faith in your creator:

Sustaining prayer and faith can offer a solid basis for achievement. Following the rules established by our creator almighty Allah will help you make decisions and take activities that will give you clear direction and clarity.

2. Exercise for Health:

There is a proverb “health is wealth” is accurate in all respects. A strong mental and physical foundation is essential for long-term success. Include regular exercise in your daily routine to maintain mental and physical fitness and build resilience in the face of difficulty.

3. To Gain knowledge, Read Books:

Explore the world of books to broaden your viewpoint. Reading is a powerful tool for broadening your thinking and providing the intellectual nutrition needed for development. Select books that will enrich, educate, and stimulate your mind.

4. Save Money Towards Strength and Self-Assurance:

Financial stability is a prerequisite for success. Start saving, no matter the amount you can. Creating a saving habit, even if it’s only one taka daily, improves one’s strength and financial discipline.

5. Develop and Sharpen Skills:

Having practical skills is crucial. Don’t rely solely on what other people know. Acquiring and improving your skills keeps you valuable to your field and protects your career from threat.

6. Keep Trying:

Our fear of failure often holds us back. Remember, nothing comes without action. Take calculated risks, accept challenges, and be open to learning from both failures and successes.

7. Don’t Waste Time, It’s Precious:

Time is a valuable resource that shouldn’t be wasted. It’s simple to become disoriented in today’s digitally connected society. Adopt discipline, pay attention to time-wasting cautions, and spend your time wisely on things that will help you achieve your objectives.

8. Create a To-Do List:

To help you stay organized, make a to-do list. This to-do list helps you prioritize tasks, and lets you monitor your progress—all of which help you stay on track to meet your goals.

9. Always be with Positive People:

Your perspective can be greatly impacted by positive people. Be in the company of people who inspire, motivate, and support your goals. Positive people creates an environment that is favorable to development and achievement.

10. Spirit of Entrepreneurship:

No matter what you do for a living now, think about launching your own company. Even your small business have the potential to grow into significant businesses that help those around you. Develop an entrepreneurial mindset and set out to make chances for both you and other people.


Even if getting success is a dynamic and individual path, you can start your efforts off strong by following to some general guidelines. Keep in mind that success includes more than just your personal achievements; it also involves helping others around you. Remember these rules as you go on the journey.


About The Author: K M Hasan Ripon
K M Hasan Ripon is a distinguished figure and a leading career mentor in Bangladesh, recognized for his expertise as an entrepreneurial ecosystem builder and employability specialist. He currently holds key positions, serving as the Executive Director of Bangladesh Skill Development Institute (BSDI), Managing Director of Global Entrepreneurship Network Bangladesh, Executive Director of Daffodil Education Network, and Vice President of Start and Improve Your Business Foundation of Bangladesh.
With a wealth of experience, he has consulted for over 100 national and international organizations, providing training for executive development in areas such as communication, leadership, customer service, team building, negotiation, and problem-solving. Hasan Ripon’s extensive reach includes visits to 64 districts in Bangladesh and travels to 40 countries as a speaker and workshop facilitator. He has inspired over 100,000 youth and graduating students in 100+ public and private universities and polytechnics in Bangladesh, as well as more than 20 international universities.
Hasan Ripon is widely recognized on social networks, with a fan following exceeding 3 million as a skills activist and inspirational speaker. His previous roles include serving as a Short Term Consultant at World Bank, Consultant for Industry 4.0 (HTS) at a2i, ICT Division (Government agencies), Master Trainer & Industry Assessor (CBT&A) at ILO, Convener of the National Board of CYFI Bangladesh, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA). He also previously served as the Local President of JCI Bangladesh (Dhaka Central).

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