Since our childhood we all run for a common goal and that is to get success! But many of us rarely know the exact meaning of success to us, what it means and what we really want to achieve it. Sometimes it remains abstract, sometimes it remain tangible or it can be physical. To some persons it means the financial security, getting admission to a renowned university in chosen subject or popularity or something different. For the young generation, the success means career success. The fresher may want to get good job at the multinational company or in government job at the respective field, or want to do best among the team members but many of young professionals may define success in getting good balance between work and life. The choice depends on us.

Through the above definition, one point is clear to us means success is defined by inner quality. It means we have to define our own goal, where I want to be and then how I need to get prepared to reach my goal. If we do not set the vision or career goal then we may not get satisfaction in life.

There is a common frustration among the young generation and that is to get desired success in career. Many of them fails to get admission in their chosen subject or to find a good job. But in many cases they do not have the exact preparation that they need to achieve the goal or they do not know where they want to be. Most critical part is that, if we fail to define the success then someone else will do it for us. So we have to set the goal earlier. And then? We have to develop ourselves. But how? We need to gain knowledge on subject matters, need to develop the soft skills along with hard skills and need cultural orientation and technological skills to excel in career.

The next question would be how to develop these qualities?

The subject knowledge is important but knowing the industry, having effective communication skills, analytical power and cultural knowledge is very important for getting desired success. We have so many scope to develop this area. The internet has opened the knowledge sources before the students. Our resources are just one click ahead of us. Social media has opened up new avenues to develop the professional network.

For a young professional is it very important to know the culture of an organization where we try to see our future prospect of career. If we become unfit to match with organizational culture then it will never bring the success in career. So cross cultural competencies are very important factors for any professionals to get desired success. We have to know what we do, is that what we really want to do or the jobs we do are really giving satisfaction to us?

A big change is coming up ahead. Many international organizations have declared they will not look for any university degree any more to recruit skilled person. Rather they will give importance to skills and expertise in the relevant area and soft skills which really matters in serving any industries. So we have to take preparation to get actual success in the challenging time ahead.

Life brings so many learning opportunities for us which are also important to move ahead to get success. We have to remember that the journey of success of the successful persons among us were not as smooth as we think. We just see the picture of their good times but most of the cases we ignore or do not try to know the hurdles that they faced during the struggle time.

Lastly, I want to define what success means to me. I want to become the best I can be. I want to maintain simplicity, I want to get more responsibility, do much work, and contribute to society/community as best I can be. My success as a human being always derived by a simple question, what is the purpose of my life?

At the end of all, what is the definition of success to you?

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