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Improving your chances of getting a job with Human-Centered Design Principles

Employability360 helps students get ready for the job market.
Employability360 is a non-academic course that Daffodil International University has created that is changing the way students are prepared for the job market. Employability360 is a dynamic, hands-on learning and development program that makes sure every student has the information, skills, and attitude to do well in today’s competitive job market, even before they finish their degrees.

Workshops with lots of interaction to learn everything
Over the course of six months semester, Employability360 has 20 workshop based classes, and each one lasts three hours. Students can get useful information and hands-on experience on a wide range of topics linked to getting ready for work and professional growth through these workshops.

A Key Part of Human-Centered Design
Students learn about the ideas behind Human-Centered Design (HCD) in the second workshop of the Employability360 program. This lesson shows how important it is to understand human behavior, habits, and personal profiles in all areas of professional growth, from writing CVs and resumes to going to job interviews.

Cutting down on rejection rates with HCD
The HCD workshop’s goal is to give students the information and skills they need to get rejected from jobs as little as possible. By following the rules of HCD, students can make sure that the materials they use for job applications and speeches meet the needs and wants of the people they are trying to reach.

Interested Workshop Activities
The students do a variety of tasks during the workshop that are meant to fully immerse them in the HCD process. Students take part in every step of the design and development process, from doing one-on-one interviews and online study to getting feedback from stakeholders and finishing their projects.



Practical assignments that you can do with your hands
After the workshop, students are expected to use what they’ve learned about HCD in real life. As part of their homework, they have to make a blog, a PowerPoint show with five slides, and their own CVs and video profiles. These tasks push students to use what they’ve learned to come up with useful ways to do well in the job market.

Help from leaders in the field
Mr. K. M. Hasan Ripon, Executive Director of the Bangladesh Skills Development Institute and a well-known author and employability coach, leads the Employability360 workshops. His knowledge and guidance help students learn important things and get useful tips that help them get jobs and do well in their careers.

In the end
Employability360’s use of Human-Centered Design principles in its lessons shows that the university wants to give students a complete and useful way to get ready for work. Employability360 gives students the skills and attitude they need to do well in today’s competitive job market by giving them the freedom to understand and meet the needs of their target audience.



About The Author: K M Hasan Ripon
K. M. Hasan Ripon is a distinguished figure and a leading career mentor in Bangladesh, recognized for his expertise as an entrepreneurial ecosystem builder and employability specialist. He currently holds key positions, serving as the Executive Director of Bangladesh Skill Development Institute (BSDI), Managing Director of Global Entrepreneurship Network Bangladesh, Executive Director of Daffodil Education Network, and Vice President of Start and Improve Your Business Foundation of Bangladesh.
With a wealth of experience, he has consulted for over 100 national and international organizations, providing training for executive development in areas such as communication, leadership, customer service, team building, negotiation, and problem-solving. Hasan Ripon’s extensive reach includes visits to 64 districts in Bangladesh and travels to 40 countries as a speaker and workshop facilitator. He has inspired over 100,000 youth and graduating students in 100+ public and private universities and polytechnics in Bangladesh, as well as more than 20 international universities.
Hasan Ripon is widely recognized on social networks, with a fan following exceeding 3 million, as a skills activist and inspirational speaker. His previous roles include serving as a short-term consultant at the World Bank, consultant for Industry 4.0 (HTS) at a2i, ICT Division (government agencies), master trainer and industry assessor (CBT&A) at ILO, convener of the National Board of CYFI Bangladesh, and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA). He also previously served as the local president of JCI Bangladesh (Dhaka Central).
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