How to remain happy in Life

How to remain HAPPY in Life

Defining Happiness in the general sense is easy, most of the time we tend to give attention to the thing that we want or crave for long to win it. To measure Happiness, we need to define it first but the definition also varies from person to person and ages. To a kid, happiness means chocolate, to a teen it means to get a book or bi-cycle, to a young man/woman, it means to get admission in the desired subject, to get a job after student life or to get a car/beautiful home, etc. To others, it may be living a healthy or hassles free life is called happiness. For some people, it means destroying everything. Also the definition of happiness changes as we grow old. The song which sounds to me like an annoying chorus that is the melody to a today’s kid. Also, the Nobel Prize-winning psychologist defined it happiness with four levels: Subjective, Genetic, Emotional, and Senses. But in every case, sustainability or wellness is attached and the actual happiness is proved to have in giving back to family/society/community. Happiness is no longer a feeling rather it is shown as a practice (Practice makes Perfect). Remaining happy is art or challenge to all of us. Also, we have three brains:

  • REPTILE Brain: Reptile Brain is for basic stuff. For example, the stress we can fight, flight, or freeze, in happiness we smile.
  • MAMMAL Brain: It is for emotions, as we help one another, show anger to other people, helping one another.
  • HUMAN Brain: Basically it gives us insight, cooperation, discovering, increase of intelligence.

Triune Brain: The Reptilian, Mammalian and Neo-Cortex

Our Brains always grow; whichever part we nurture it will grow. So happiness is a choice also. In a minute we have the choice of becoming happy or anger and if we show anger we are exactly loosing 60 seconds time from our life. It is connected with the feeling of Self Satisfaction as well. It is to do the best that we can do by exploring our full potential. Also, happiness comes by focusing on what we have not on what we do not have. Since life is a journey, not the destination that we always think of, and here every moment is a gift for us all and a great attitude can always lead to a great experience. Do we really smile when we see someone? Or we do wait until a smile comes from another person? We have to exchange a smile and it is a choice for us all.

To remain happy in life it takes just a few things to consider-

  • Be simple & Be Grateful
  • Focus on what you can give not on what you deserve to take
  • Whatever you do, give your 100%, own it
  • Be honest so that you don’t need to tell lie to hide anything
  • Believe in Integrity, Care others, be with family

Accept the truth that life is all about winning and losing. True Fact is that happiness will not come from the advice that we receive from others. We know ourselves and we know our limitations and potentiality. We have to find it from us. As a whole, happiness is a person’s own choice, to make life happy or sad by his own acts. So I want to conclude with the question “Are you happy wherever you are now?”

Enjoy the song….


Mr. K M Hasan Ripon, Writer, Public Speaker, Skill Development Activist for Industry 4.0 | Soft Skills | Entrepreneurship Development

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