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We often see that when someone enters the job market after graduating from university, many of them struggle to fit in. Some may not find the dream job they were hoping for, even after a long time working in a sector.

Remember, having personal targets is crucial no matter where you work. Without targets, success in the job is unlikely. And organizations always look out for individuals who are diligent, proactive, and active in their work.

Below is a sample table for those who have just entered a new job after graduating from university or for those who have switched to a new job after working in a company for a long time but are struggling to fit in.


Area for Improvement

Specific Goal Deadline

Action Steps

Skill Development Presentation Skill Development 6 months Use YouTube to improve Microsoft PowerPoint skills. Join various clubs or societies for presentation skill development. Participate in different workshops. Record and upload your own video to YouTube and seek feedback from others.
Self-Assessment Bi-weekly Self-Assessment Ongoing
Networking Enhance Professional Network Ongoing Participate in various workshops, seminars, and volunteer work. Join different professional groups on LinkedIn. Dine out with colleagues monthly to spend time in a friendly atmosphere. Contact professionals via social media for coffee meetings. Aim to meet at least 5 new professionals each month. Monthly review of new contacts.
Performance Achieve Success in Current Position Ongoing Set monthly performance goals with your boss. Seek feedback regularly from your boss and colleagues. Participate in relevant training sessions. Set challenging targets for yourself that others might fear to. Monthly performance review.
Mentorship Find a Mentor 3 months Identify a potential mentor in your workplace. Initiate informational discussions with them. Persuade them to agree to become your career mentor. Regularly communicate with your mentor.
Certification Obtain Relevant Certification 1 year Research necessary certifications for your sector or field. Seek advice from experts. Enroll in certification courses. Allocate weekly study time. Track course completion and exam dates.
Leadership Development Improve Leadership Skills 1 year Identify critical areas in your project team. Offer help where team members face challenges. Read a leadership book every month. Participate in leadership development training. Quarterly evaluation of leadership skills.
Work-Life Balance Maintain a Healthy Balance Ongoing Set work hours. Allocate time for family. Take regular care of your health to avoid frequent sick leaves. Stay within a realistic routine for personal and work life. Try to take a vacation every three months with your family. Weekly reflection and adjustment.


The table above is a sample. Try to understand it, create a table for yourself, and make an effort to follow and practice it properly. If you can set personal targets following the table and implement them honestly with yourself, then no one except the creator of success can stop you.



About The Author: K M Hasan Ripon (
K. M. Hasan Ripon is a distinguished figure and a leading career mentor in Bangladesh, recognized for his expertise as an entrepreneurial ecosystem builder and employability specialist. He currently holds key positions, serving as the Executive Director of Bangladesh Skill Development Institute (BSDI), Managing Director of Global Entrepreneurship Network Bangladesh, Executive Director of Daffodil Education Network, and Vice President of Start and Improve Your Business Foundation of Bangladesh.
With a wealth of experience, he has consulted for over 100 national and international organizations, providing training for executive development in areas such as communication, leadership, customer service, team building, negotiation, and problem-solving. Hasan Ripon’s extensive reach includes visits to 64 districts in Bangladesh and travels to 40 countries as a speaker and workshop facilitator. He has inspired over 100,000 youth and graduating students in 100+ public and private universities and polytechnics in Bangladesh, as well as more than 20 international universities.
Hasan Ripon is widely recognized on social networks, with a fan following exceeding 3 million, as a skills activist and inspirational speaker. His previous roles include serving as a short-term consultant at the World Bank, consultant for Industry 4.0 (HTS) at a2i, ICT Division (government agencies), master trainer and industry assessor (CBT&A) at ILO, convener of the National Board of CYFI Bangladesh, and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA). He also previously served as the local president of JCI Bangladesh (Dhaka Central).

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