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From Scratch to Modernity: The Rise of the Daffodil Smart City

The 10th Convocation of Daffodil International University is set to take place in 24 hours, with the campus in a festive mood and ready to welcome its graduating students, their guardians, and guests. Nearly 13,000 students will attend the event in the Green Campus. I recently came across a video from a previous foundation ceremony back in 2010 and was struck by a speech in which it was announced that, in just 10 years, the students would see the transformation from a Redbrick empty field to a modern green campus, and it would be a great example to the world. Addressing the Graduating Students, Dr. Md Sabur Khan, the visionary leader during the time mentioned in his speech “ I assure you that the Red Empty Brick Field you are visiting today will become a world-class Green campus”.  At the time, many people, including myself, couldn’t believe it but today Daffodil International University has proven that it was not an unrealistic promise, but today it’s a  reality.



The transformation of Daffodil International University is a testament to the power of a leader’s vision to change an entire community and society. The present campus is unrecognizable compared to its appearance 12 years ago, and visitors are always in awe of its modern infrastructure, including the presence of all necessary facilities, transportation, sports zone, academic institutions, entertainment facilities, and a thriving business community. The words and commitment made a decade ago have come to life and have not only transformed the campus but have also transformed the surrounding society. 

The local residents, who used to rely on mostly daily wage earners for their livelihood, have now shifted to business, as 85% of the people are now engaged in the business community. The mindset of the community has changed, and people are now more focused on education and business. Based on its placement, the roads, citizen services, infrastructure, and architectural view of the place the lifestyle, mindset, and culture have been changed, the local community also got the blessings of many modern New shopping centers, financial institutions, medical centers, largest libraries, research centers, Gymnasium, child care center, libraries, auditoriums, swimming pools, and sports facilities have been established, making this transformation a model for others to follow. Apart from the development issues, focusing on the Daffodil International University many national & international institutions, associations, and personalities, visited this locality and through their visit, new development issues are coming forward before the local government too. 



The transformation of Ashulia Center has given the country a new vibe, and Daffodil International University’s transformation over the past 22 years has been recognized and appreciated by others.

Tomorrow, 9th February 2023, around 6,000 students will gather for the convocation ceremony, and another 50,000+ alumni worldwide are ready to welcome them.

If more examples like Akrain, and Ashulia can be set, from a “Scratch to Smart City,” Bangladesh can soon be declared a “Smart Bangladesh.”

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Amena Hasan, Deputy Director, Daffodil International University

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