Become Cultured Working in Remote Workstation

“নিউ নরমাল” কর্ম বা কর্মক্ষেত্রের রুপ কেমন হতে পারে!
May 31, 2020
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June 19, 2020
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Become Cultured Working in Remote Workstation

The forward-thinking /future-focused organizations have already taken the initiative of the home office using the technology and struggling to fit in the pandemic situation. It is such a sudden challenge for which the organizations and employees were not at all ready and they had to face it without any notice. So the employees faced two challenges together:

  • Ensuring productivity using technology
  • To fit with the new Working Environment

While facing the above challenges, the management has to identify the solution for the following:

  • How to Help
  • Where to Help
  • Believing that Employees really need the Help

The following points may help the organizations to go forward:

  • First of all, organizations need to help the employees to develop the mindset of the home office.
  • Give the training on the implemented solution
  • Helping them to set an environment of office tasks.

Also, organizations need to develop a trust culture among the employees.

Employees also face the following challenges:

  • Maintaining productivity
  • Fitting themselves in the working environment

It is true that the pandemic situation will be over but the organizations which will be able to survive during this period will have a great advancement in the future.  The employees can take the following measures to stay safe from any threats in their professional life:

  • Should take training on home office operation tools
  • Try to be positive
  • Give a break on daily routines
  • Develop more bonds with coworkers
  • Should know the effective use of Smartphones
  • Should Know Proper Use of Social Media
  • Should develop the soft skills which will help them to tackle environmental challenges
  • Should Know the recommended documentation process of the organizations
  • New CRM tools
  • Should have the ability to ensure the productivity tackling the issues at home office cultures.
  • Timely reporting on work progress
  • Visibility on recommended channels
  • Upgrading knowledge of relevant industries

Most importantly effective communication with the management through the prescribed channels would make a huge impact on employee’s performance.



Amena Hasan, Sr. Assistant Director, Daffodil International University

And also a creative content developer and working as a Business Communication Expert. Currently, she is holding the office of the national president of CYFI, Google Educators Group (Dhaka).

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