Am I able to identify my negative symptoms?

In our day to day life, we will find few people around us who always find a cause to say No whatever we do. They always have a bad cause to go against whatever we do and say and at a certain point, we start to avoid them. The most important and surprising part is that even the person with a negative attitude even can’t realize that he/she has been identified with Negativity Syndrome. The person with this syndrome usually fail to identify the reason for which peoples are avoiding them but this avoidance gives them a sad feeling which makes them unhappy. Slowly they lose confidence and at the end of the day it kills their mind, career, potentialities, and health and so on. Who is the negative person? We may go through the following situation:

A man always dreamt to go for a vacation and suddenly he made a plan and on the very morning while he was just about to leave for vacation then the rain came and he canceled his plan. This man was in the permanent resident of the negative zone. Somehow he found a way to cancel the program. He didn’t hesitate to find a cause. Can we realize how this simple story affected his life? The outside circumstances affected him and he was biased too.

Sometimes the person himself remains unaware of this attitude. Maybe he thinks whatever he is doing is right. But in reality, this attitude is killing his personality and losing peoples love. Slowly he becomes alone and he suffers. Alongside in the same situation, the man could imagine the same situation differently. He could feel happy seeing the rain outside and made the journey a remarkable one.


Through our Personal Qualities, we can make our life happy

In the same way, we can see the life journey differently. In this life, we meet with people, work, live with family and finally, suddenly we left this beautiful world. Through our Personal Qualities we can make our life happy, we also can extend the hand of cooperation to all and finally we can also make others happy through our personality traits and works. To get real happiness we must become of the solution to the problem, not the problem

Can we just think for a while what our purpose of life is? Are we here just to think of oneself?  Or find bad things? Maybe the answer would be no. But the fact is that Almighty has sent us in this world for a purpose. The purpose is to serve HIM, follow his commandment and his commandment is for the betterment of humanity. It doesn’t take much to make others happy or make your life happy. It just needs a positive mind and willingness to make a lovable society.



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